Thursday, May 13, 2010

How I Do Money Is How I Do My Life

I have a friend who is both a yoga instructor and a therapist. We were talking about a sibling of hers who has constantly had both money problems and all kinds of other problems in his life. In yoga, she tells me, there is a saying that “how you do yoga is how you do your life.” We mused over how that saying could just as easily relate to how you do your money. It was easily seen in the life of her sibling. I’ve turned it into a  question that I’ve often asked people that seem to be “stuck” or “baffled” by there behavior around money.
If how you do yoga is how you do your life, then how does this statement relate to you: How I do money is how I do my life?

Having gotten many interesting responses, I was inspired to ask the question in the Financial Boot Camp. I got a unanimous response: “that’s a stupid question.” I smiled and suggested that they write about it anyway. After a number of weeks we came back to the question and unanimously, everyone had had an ‘ah ha’ moment when thinking through the question.

I’ve put it up on the wall in the office as the question of the month and clients, boot camp members, friends, really anyone that walks in is asked to write a response on the windows in the office. It’s fabulous! There’s graffiti all over the office. So… does the question relate to you?

Here are some answers created:

“When I avoid responsibility, I avoid being empowered.”

“When I relax and do what is next consistently with clarity, focus, ease and grace, it is there.”

“When my life teeters out of balance, so does my money.”

“When I allow someone else to become my priority, I become the option.”

“Be it, let it, it will be.”

“When I don’t pay attention to it, it bites me in the @#%.”

“Inconsistently, but with reverence.”

“When I have enough, I pay attention, when I don’t, I run away.”

“If I pay attention to that which I run from I will lose fear, gain experience and live more fully.

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  1. I've been to a few events where the phrase was:

    "How you do anything is how you do everything."

    Same principle. Wherever I've seen a disconnect in consistency with my actions is my growth point. Money is the one topic where I can actually see the inconsistency and then apply the "connect" to all of my life.

    What a great question and point!