Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Ever Expanding Gratitude Season

Every year, the stores fill the shelves and the radio fills the airways earlier and earlier with Christmas, a practice I find annoying. But there’s a new expansion of the holidays that I’m happy about. Over the past few years Thanksgiving has expanded to the entire month of November. Beginning on November 1st, social media feeds fill with posts and tweets of gratitude, thankfulness and general positivity. 30 days of gratitude rather than one day of Thanksgiving that is often more food-centered than thanks-centered. Fabulous!

And what does gratitude and money have to do with each other? Everything. Feeling grateful and feeling rich are simply perspectives we each carry with us. Spending time each day focusing on that for which we are grateful expands our feelings of gratitude. Experiencing our friend’s gratitude reminds us of our own, and hopefully brings joy to our hearts for them.

Having those same thoughts of gratitude for the wealth we have in our lives can be just as expansive. I once had a friend who carried a $100 bill in her wallet. She said it made her feel wealthy. Over the years, I’ve heard many others have amounts in their wallets, in their checking accounts, or in their savings accounts that triggered feelings of wealth, worry or simple security.

From a financial perspective, I’m a big fan of quantitative levels. We should all have target goals for our monthly cash flow and savings that provides security.

But from a feelings perspective, I’m a big fan of being grateful for what you have. If you are on a mission to accumulate 3 months of reserves, but currently only have 1 week’s worth, be grateful for that week’s worth. It’s likely more than you had before. It’s certainly more than many people have. And, the simple act of being grateful for the financial wealth you have will reap more.

What about your financial life are you grateful for?

-Stacey Powell

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