Thursday, February 20, 2014


I have long believed that the reason so many of us feel stuck financially is because we don’t talk about money. I write about it all the time. I think the single most important thing you can do to change your financial position is to find someone to have a constructive conversation about it with.

So imagine my surprise this month when I (for the third time) was making a concerted effort to engage in Twitter (I feel so old) and found people on Twitter talking about their money. I knew there were people like me, financial experts, using Twitter as a platform for their business. But I wasn't expecting everyday people telling their friends about how they've paid off another credit card, made their final car payment or sharing the actual amount of debt they've paid off.

One particularly courageous soul (@famdebtjourney) links to her blog where she’s declared 2014 the year to put it all out there and share her family’s story about their journey to get out of debt. Beginning with a blog in January, My Family's Debt Journey itemized their debt:

  • Credit Card Debt:           $27,102
  • Auto Debt:                     $16,173
  • Mortgage:                     $133,968

Can you imagine posting everywhere your truth? That’s laying the gauntlet down! Making that kind of public declaration will no debt propel them, and hopefully provide inspiration when the going gets rough. Just like a diet, becoming debt free is a journey with peaks and valleys for sure.

Who would you be willing to share your numbers with? Do you think it would propel your financial health?

-Stacey Powell

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