Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boring! (Financial Literacy Month)

I’m all about Financial Literacy; really I am. It’s a subject I’m wildly passionate about. And April is…you guessed it…Financial Literacy Month.

Does it make you want to go out and buy a new money book, read a new blog, or listen to a new podcast? I bet not. Because what about the phrase “Financial Literacy Month” inspires you to want to make a difference in your life? Breathe easier? Enjoy life more? Nothing. It just sounds like a lot of boring reading.

To riff on some of my favorite friends’ Burning Man camp name, I think the name Financial Literacy Month should be changed to “MoFuLeSu Month.” (More Fun Less Suck) Don’t you find that a little more inspiring?

I want more fun!

I want less suck!

You know what happens when you dedicate a little bit of your time to learning more about money? Yes, you become more learned and literate. But more importantly, your money starts to feel a little easier. It starts to make a little more sense. Dare I say, sometimes it’s even fun. I've had countless people declare with a jubilant and surprised tone “I did my numbers the other day and you know what? It was fun!”

Knowing stuff is fun. Remember learning to ride your bike? Fun. Algebra? Fun (OK, or whatever your favorite subject was.) Driving a car? Fun. Once we know how to do something, our lives become much easier. When it comes to money, we can all get along knowing just enough. But when we take the time to read more, listen more, or hire a professional to teach us, it all becomes easier and dare I say…fun.

The opposite of not knowing about money: suck. Here are some top of mind real world examples about how your money can suck if you don’t know enough about it:

  • Your brakes go out and you have yet to learn about the importance of setting aside money for such things,
  • You invest a ton of money in your good friend’s business who has promised you consistent 19% returns (and you convince other friends and family to join you),
  • You let your mortgage broker convince you to buy the most expensive home you will qualify for, even though you have a little voice in your head saying “this doesn't seem right.”
We all make mistakes with our money at times and it sucks. The more we learn, listen and educate ourselves, the fewer the mistakes, the less suck, and the more fun.

So, during MoFuLeSu Month, go buy a new money book, read a new blog or listen to a new podcast. You’ll not only become more financially literate, you’ll probably have a little fun too.

- Stacey Powell

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  1. Learning about my money through your bootcamp was indeed fun. It has made me make better choices about what customers I chase. And when I forget that and chase the wrong customer I always always always pay for it in heartache and headache.