Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Today's First BIG Announcement!

I'm excited to announce what so many of you have been asking for --- today A Better Life with Money officially launched on Amazon! If you loved the book, let your friends know, or get a second copy!

Laugh with me a little and go watch the Better Life with Money commercial below.

Purchase The Finance Gym Action Plan for a Better Life with Money on Amazon by clicking on the image below.

Video Transcription:

Do you ever feel like you aren't on top of your money like you should be? Like you just don't know what to do next? Do you ever get sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck and all the struggles that come along with it? If any of that rings true for you, then The Finance Gym Action Plan for a Better Life With Money is the book for you. 
My name is Stacey Powell and I'm going to tell you a little bit about why I wrote this book for you. Be assured, if any of those statements ring true, you are not the only one, there are millions of other people just like you who struggle with their money walking around every day with this nagging little voice "hey! you can be better with your money" or that really not so nice voice saying "are you ever going to get your money shit together?"
For me, those voices came like the peaks and valleys of a roller coaster and they would never ever stop. If you're ready for your little voice to whisper "hey, you're good with your money" and "hey you handled that like a champ!" then I want you to start working on this book. You can make that happen, I did! In this book I walk you through every step that I took. 
Why should you learn from me? Other people have degrees and credentials too, so what makes me different from other experts? I've been where you are. I've struggled to stop living paycheck to paycheck. I know what it feels like to have debt payments that you can't make. I've sworn off credit cards only to have a huge car repair bill that I didn't have any way to pay for! I let year after year go by saying "next year I'm going to start a savings account or a 401k" but next year never came. 
The cycle became routine for me until the day that I got sick and tired of living the way I was living. On that day I chose to stop relying on my financial know how and start using a holistic approach to tackling my money issues and you know what happened? I began to breathe easier and I stopped feeling broke even though sometimes I still was. I started to feel like I was making good money decisions. My money got stronger and working on my money started to actually become fun. 
To this book, I bring my life experiences of changing something that felt like it was completely unchangeable. I also bring the lessons of countless people that I've financially coached through highs and lows. For many people, money carries this huge emotional punch, it impacts our lives our hopes and our dreams. If you're ready to find yourself at peace in feeling strong about your money then take this journey with me. Get your copy of the Finance Gym Action Plan for a Better Life With Money. Start here, start now. Don't just know better but do better. 

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